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Contoh Berita Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Examples of news in inglish

JAKARTA - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono demonstrated by dozens of workers in front of the Presidential Palace, Central Jakarta. Demo labor is done when President Yudhoyono welcomed guests amid statehood Royal Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.
            Monitoring Okezone at the site on Wednesday (11/14/2012), dozens of workers arrived at the middle of talking with SBY PM Kingdom of Sweden in the Presidential Palace. Previously, these workers are not seen at the Royal Swedish state PM arrives at the Presidential Palace. However, at approximately 11:30 pm, dozens of workers suddenly appeared in front of the Presidential Palace and shouted speech.
            Although no labor action, but not bogged down street Merdeka Utara. Until now, the protesters were still doing the action.
            Reinfeldt Prime Minister of the Kingdom of SwediaFredrik his entourage arrived at the Presidential Palace at approximately 10:50 pm. This visit is a series of state visits in Indonesia Fredrik Reinfeldt for the past two days.
            Royal Swedish PM's visit is the first since the opening of diplomatic relations between Indonesia-Sweden in 1952. During the visit, Prime Minister Sweden brings more than 30 major Swedish business.
            Swedish Prime Minister arrived in Jakarta on Tuesday, November 13, 2012, yesterday. While in Jakarta, Prime Minister of Sweden will hold a bilateral meeting with the President and attended a banquet lunch. In addition, Swedish Prime Minister is also scheduled to meet with several employers Indonesia Power Talk Roundtable event "Indonesia-Sweden Unlocking the potentials Innovation", organized by the Swedish Trade Council.
            Special by Staff of the President of the International Relations Teuku Faizasyah, bilateral meetings between the President of the Republic of Indonesia and Swedish Prime Minister will discuss increased cooperation in the priority areas, particularly trade, investment, and the environment.
            "This visit will also be utilized by the two heads of state to discuss issues of regional and global issues of common concern," said Teuku in a release.

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